February 19, 2022

As we celebrate Lithuania’s Day of Independence, let us remember how important our Lithuanian heritage is to our children and our families.

Our school is dedicated to continuing its TRADITION of Lithuanian heritage education. We are passionate about our MISSION to teach language and culture to today’s Lithuanian youth, and we are always looking to the future to implement a VISION for tomorrow, so that Lietuva will be in our hearts for many generations to come.Encourage your children to speak Lithuanian as often as possible.

Announcements :



There is no school on Feb. 19th-Presidents’weekend

First Confession /Sacrament of Reconciliation – Saturday, March 5th

Spindulys Blynu Balius  – Saturday, Feb. 26th

Children’s musical “AŠ KITOKS”  ( “I AM DIFFERENT”) – Sunday, Feb. 27th, 1 p.m. – parapija

Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence – program Sunday,March 6th – parapija.

Scouts Kaziuko Muge craft fair – Sunday, March 13 th, parapija.


Be well,stay safe!







February 05, 2022

Dear parents,

This Saturday we are welcoming parents back into the schoolyard for the morning flag- raising ceremony. Temperatures will be checked at the gate, and all those entering must wear masks.

Next Saturday 2/12, we are celebrating Vasario 16-ta, Lithuanian Independence Day, with a student program of dance and song at 12:15 in the school courtyard. Please come  to watch the brief program that the  teachers and students have prepared. Slowly we will begin resuming hot lunches. That Saturday cepelinai will be available for purchase.Hope to see many of you. We miss you !

We are still following all safety guidelines, so please keep Covid exposed children at home, as well as those who are following a quarantine protocol. Classwork is available from teachers and can be done at home.

Feb. 19th is Presidents’weekend – no classes that Saturday.

Stay healthy and safe,





November 24, 2021

Please see the Lithuanian version of this letter. Thanksgiving greetings to all. Eglute will take place Dec. 18th, at 12 pm in the school courtyard. We still need lots of helping hands. Please volunteer to Indraja.

Condolences to our dear Linas Venckus and his entire family upon the death of his beloved mother, Aldona Venckus. May she rest in God’s hands.

Genovaite Plukas, a long-time teacher of our school in the eighties, has also been called to heaven. May she rest in peace.


November 15, 2021

Praeitą šeštadienį, pristatėm vaikams šių metų mūsų mokyklos labdaros projektą (plakatas prisegtas).
Rinksime pinigėlius vaikams sergantiems vėžiu Lietuvoje (Rimanto Kaukėno Paramos Fondui). Vaikams buvo išdalintos dėžutes, kurias prašome pripildyti centais (ar popieriniais pinigais ) ir atnešti ŠĮ ŠEŠTADIENĮ (11/13) – ir vėl pripildyti  SEKANTĮ ŠEŠTADIENĮ (11/20)
Please see the flyer attached for our charity drive. This year we are collecting money for children who are sick with cancer in Lithuania, and will send over the donation to Kaukenas Foundation. All students received paper collection boxes and we ask you to help fill them! Please bring them full this coming Saturday (11/13). We will empty them out, and ask you to fill it up again and bring them NEXT Saturday (11/20) as well.
Prašome pasiūlyti prisidėti prie Eglutės programos pasiruošimo. Kol kas tik pora tėvelių yra atsiliepę, o reikės kaip visada: sudėti kėdes, dekoracijas, suorganizuoti Kalėdų senelį, dovanėles ir t.t. Programa vyks lauke. 
Nebus jūsų, nebus ir Kalėdinės Eglutės …. Jūs labai reikalingi ypač šiais metais! 
Please sign up to help set up for Christmas play. Only a couple parents have responded and we really need your help, especially this year. As always, we need to set up chairs, risers, decorations, make gift bags…the program will be set up outside, which involves even more work than having it at the hall. 
Ačiū! Ačiū! Ačiū! 
Tėvų komitetas
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October 30,2021

October 30, 2021

Tomorrow we are all meeting in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Court of Christus courtyard at 9:00 to commemorate our loved ones who have died.

On the occasion of VELINES or ALL SOULS DAY, we remind our children of the beautiful tradition of remembering those who have come before us. Many Lithuanians who were part of the Los Angeles Lithuanian community are laid to rest here. The students look for Lithuanian names and place flowers and flags on their graves.Please bring photographs of deceased family members, so that we can include them in our prayers.

Parents, please be punctual. After the brief ceremony, we will return to school to resume regular lessons.

A Lithuanian themed pumpkin display will take place during recess time. Do encourage your child’s participation.



September 24, 2021

Little by little we are returning to our usual activities and schedules. Registration has ended. Please address questions to Indraja Jonusonis. About 100 students have enrolled, down from our pre-pandemic numbers. However, we are most happy to have all of you here.


Pack snacks, drinks and lunch. There are two recesses during the day. The students are permitted to eat at both.

Students may not use cell phones or electronic equipment  during school hours. If you must reach your child, please call me at 310/500-6311 or the teacher.

If you must pick up your child before 1:15 ,it is most important that you inform me and the teacher in advance.

Please observe all safety protocols. If your child has been in contact with an infected person during the week, you must inform us. For additional safety, I would appreciate knowing confidentially, if your child has been vaccinated. We will not question students in front of others.

Alex Hayden is our new Gate Guard. Please follow his safety directives. When driving in the parking lot,  be aware of the possible presence of children. We will be altering traffic patterns , since students must cross over from the  side garden rooms.

There are no classes the weekend of LT Days.

Be safe,


September 18,2021

September 18, 2021

The first day of school was overwhelmingly successful . Thank you to all the parents who followed safety guidelines, to those who registered in advance, and to those who volunteered to help with safety protocols.

A sincere AČIŪ to Indraja Jonušoniene, the head of the Parent Committee, for all the preparations and care before the start of school. Please volunteer often to help out wherever you can.


*By signing the SELF-ATTESTATION form you vouch that you will not bring a child to school who is exhibiting Covid symptoms or who has been exposed to an infected person.

*There is no lunch served at school.Please pack snacks and drinks. The students will have two recesses during which they can eat and play.

*Every student is to have his/her writing utensils and art supplies. They will not be allowed to share.

*No cell phones, earphones, games, music and other electronic equipment allowed during school hours 9:00-1:15. Please do not tell your child to call you . If there is a problem, the student should tell the teacher and get permission to make a phone call.

Working together we will assure the continued success of our Lithuanian School!



First Day of School Sept.11,2021

September 10, 2021


After a long separation, we return to school this Saturday at 9:00. This first day will be shortened . Dismissal is at 12:00. Please gather in church at 9:00 for a brief prayer , greetings, and safety announcements. Everyone must wear a mask and families sit together .

There will be no lunch. Please pack a snack and drink to be eaten during group recesses. Students will receive an ice-cream treat at that time.

We have spent many hours researching safety and health procedures and have put them in place. Only students,faculty, and assistants will be allowed in the school courtyard. Registration and purchase of textbooks will take place by the front gate. Our Parent Committee/Tevu Komitetas headed by Indraja Jonusonis needs your help. Please volunteer.

Each family will be required to sign a SELF-ATTESTATION form stating, that by bringing your child to Lithuanian School you are asserting that he/she has no COVID symptoms and that you will abide by all safety guidelines.

Our students’ safety is our first priority. Please help us in this endeavor.

Looking forward to seeing you,



August 23, 2021

August 23, 2021

Dear parents,

After a very difficult year for all of us, we are returning to Lithuanian School in person on Saturday, September 11th at 9 a.m.

Thank you to all the loyal students who participated in our Zoom distance learning program. It was very successful with 130 students registered and 15 teachers conducting classes every Saturday. That was truly a testament to your love of the Lithuanian language and culture. I think the students enjoyed themselves and were able to keep in touch with their friends while continuing their studies. Those who did not participate in Zoom classes last year and would like to rejoin their classmates will have to show proof of schoolwork that was done at home during the lockdown year. They will not be automatically promoted to the next grade. If students have no proof of work completed , their competency will be evaluated . There is an additional fee of 50dol. for this test.

As we return to the parish facilities, we will follow all the prescribed safety guidelines :

*There will be a temperature check at the gate as well as a verification of no Covid symptoms.

*All teachers ,assistants,school volunteers and others working on the premises during school  hours must be vaccinated.

*KISKIU pre-school parents must be vaccinated

*Vaccination of all eligible adults and children is highly recommended.

*Teachers,students,staff and anyone entering through the school gates must wear masks at all times.

*Parent and guest visits to the schoolyard, delivery of food,or socializing will not be permitted.We will designate safe areas for parents to gather.

*There will be no lunch served; students must bring snacks ,drinks , and water bottles from home.

*We will observe safety protocols in the classrooms; dancing and singing classes will take place outside.

*All registration forms are found on this website.

We will inform parents of any changes to guidelines.

We urgently need the following parental help during school hurs : gate guard (paid position); playground safety monitors (paid position);temperature and health checklist screeners (volunteers).

Please volunteer to help wherever you can. Our school has always functioned successfully thanks to dedicated parents and teachers. Contact M.Newsom or Indraja Jonusonis.

Looking forward to a happy,healthy year. Mokykla jūsų laukia!