May 8,2020

May 08, 2021

Wishing all mothers,grandmothers,aunts, and guardians a wonderful Mother’s Day. Last Saturday the students welcomed their mothers into the “classroom” to commemorate Lithuanian Mother’s Day , which is celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

May God bless you with health,patience and perseverence. May you enjoy your most precious gifts – your children . May a lightness of spirit and happiness visit your homes, as we all enjoy a little more freedom these days.


First Communion Sunday,May 16th

Last day of school, Saturday, May 22, 9 a.m. for all classes. All students must attend. All families are welcome to join in our final goodbyes and to view our school’s documentary film, created on the occasion of last year’s 70th anniversary. Historical footage is combined with scenes from present day school activities. The late Paulius Jasiukonis , our community’s beloved film maker, captured scenes of early mokykla and its teachers. Lithuania’s highly respected film director,Donatas Ulvydas, meshed scenes of the past with those of today.The film has English subtitles, so everyone will be able to enjoy it.

The ZOOM link will be sent to all families. Please join us in this farewell to a most unusual school year.

Our 12th grade graduates will be awarded diplomas on Saturday, June 5th at 10 am Mass. This celebration is for graduates and their families only. That same day at 1 pm there will be a rehearsal for those receiving the sacrament of Confirmation the next day. 

Confirmation – Sunday, June 6th 12 pm.Mass with Bishop E.Clark

Wishing you the best ,


Velykos – Easter

April 03, 2021

A happy and blessed Easter to all. May the Risen Christ fill you with the joy and hope of the awakening Spring.

Reminder: classes resume April.10th.

March 13, 2021

March 13, 2021

March 11th marked the celebration of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence. Let’s remember those heady days, when we dared to hope that Lithuania would truly be free of the Soviets. We joined in prayer at our church while listening to the exuberance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Now, you are keeping the love of our homeland alive in your hearts and families. Celebrate!

This Sunday the 10 am Mass at parapija  is offered for the school families and teachers. Please attend! The prayers are for YOU. Due to safety regulations,  register attendees with M.Newsom

The three most important characteristics of the season of LENT are PRAYER, FASTING, and ALMSGIVING. Practice these in your homes as you prepare for the the blessed celebration of EASTER.



March 6,2021

March 05, 2021

You are invited to attend a special Mass on Sunday, March 14th,at 10 a.m. at St. Casimir’s parish. Father Tomas is offering Mass for all our teachers and school families. In addition, Kovo 11-ta, the Restoration of Lithuanian Independence will be remembered. We are following all COVID safety protocols.Please inform M.Newsom( many family members will be in attendance.

The Lithuanian Consulate of Los Angeles is inviting everyone to a very special K-11 program (bilingual) and viewing of the exhibit The Singing Revolution, on Saturday, March 13th, at 10 a.m. Detailed information is found in the online newsletter In addition ,the movie Mes Zaideme Revoliucija can be seen by viewers March 11-14.

The Lithuanian-American Community,Inc.(Lietuviu Bendruomene) is sponsoring a Youth Talent Contest. Please look at the poster in  the Lithuanian version of this message. Generous monetary prizes are offered. Please showcase your talents !

If you need guidance ,contact Maryte Newsom who will direct you to a music teacher to help you prepare.


February 27,2021

February 26, 2021

Thank you for being a loyal participant in our Lithuanian school and helping to maintain its continuity.We have 10+ Saturdays of instruction left. Hopefully, we’ll be back at parapija in September.

The Educatonal Council’s art and essay contest guidelines were sent to the parents by the teachers. Please have your child participate in a meaningful way. Address questions to the teacher.

March 4th ir the Feast of St. Casimir . There are many powerpoints and videos available to show yur family.

March 11th marks the Restoration of Lithuanian Independence. Our students’ participation in last week’s V-16 program is now available on YouTube “Tegul skamba musu dainos…”

Fr. Tomas is offering an outdoor thanksgiving Mass for all families, students and teachers on Sunday,March 14th at 10 a.m. Please make an effort to attend, following all the safety protocols.

We will have an online Lenten reflection for the students on March 27th . Details to follow.

The Lithuanian Foundation is sponsorong a talent contest for  students aged 10-16 . Singers, dancers and instrumentalists are welcome to display their talents. Details will be sent to families.

Stay well,



February 16, 2021

Happy Lithuanian Independence Day!

Please view the Lithuanian version of this message for the Zoom I.D. to connect to Saturday’s Independence Day program at 9 a.m., brought to us by the Lithuanian Educational Council.

January 23,2021

January 22, 2021

The first semester has ended. There will be no traditional report cards this year. A narrative of each student’s progress will be sent to families via email. Please check your mail. Praise the good work that has been accomplished and help your student where more attention is needed.

Over 30 families have not paid tuition for the second semester! The operation of our school depends on your very modest financial input. Please send in your payment now. Instructions are found on this website.

We mourn the death of past teacher and school collaborator +Algimantas Žemaitaitis+. His wife Audronė and daughters Daina and Laima Baipšienė were all teachers at our school. His son Saulius was a graduate and  an ever-willing helper at school functions. Algimantas was a unique presence in our Lithuanian community and will be sorely missed. May he rest in God’s peace…

January 16,2021

January 15, 2021

Even though distance learning is neither optimal nor desirable, our teachers are putting great effort into gathering new ideas and sharing successes with each other. Last Saturday they participated in an on-line “Idea Marketplace,” where they exchanged ideas for successful online learning. The Educational Council, Lithuania’s Ministry of Education, and individual Lithuanian schools in the U.S. all share information, websites, videos, and lessons to help our students and teachers.Please remember – parents are a child’s first and most important teachers . Let’s join our efforts toward success.

The first semester is ending this Saturday. Students will not be receiving traditional report cards. An evaluation of their progress, attendance, and participation will be sent to parents before Jan. 23rd. Please look for it in your email. Second semester tuition is now due. Guidelines are found in this website.

The upper classes participated in a wonderful online presentation of the events of January 13,1991, when Lithuania rose up against the USSR. Maj. Albertas Daugirdas , a participant in these events as a young man, gave our students a behind-the-scenes look at the fortifications of the Lithuanian Parliament on that fateful day. We are grateful to him and to acting consul Agne Gureviciene for making this presentation possible.

The third graders are preparing to receive First Communion and Reconciliation sometime in the spring. Viktorija Gedviliene will be their Religion teacher . Please inform Maryte if you are interested in these classes.

Stay healthy and safe,




December 19, 2020 Christmas program

December 17, 2020

Dear parents,

Wishing all our school families a joyful, peace-filled Christmas. May the gentle spirit of the newborn Christ Child bring happiness to your homes.

Distance learning has been challenging for all of us. I salute the teachers,students, and parents, who have supported our efforts during this troubled time. With good intentions, will power, and lots of heart – everything is possible, as you have shown these past months. Let’s keep our beautiful Lithuanian language and culture alive in your homes. Remember to include Lithuanian traditions in your celebrations, and, most importantly, to highlight the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus’ birthday.

Our annual Christmas program EgluteEglute20_ will be on Zoom this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Every family has received an email with the details. I am attaching the announcement with this letter.Thanks to Viktorija Gedviliene and her son Vytas ,who have made this virtual program possible!

Distance learning resumes January 9,2021. Stay healthy and safe.

With love,                                                                                                                                           p.Maryte

September 26,2020

September 22, 2020

Once again, welcome to our on-line Lithuanian School classes. We are now beginning our third Saturday of instruction. You must register this week at the latest,if you haven’t done so already. All the information is found on this website.

Please have patience with our distance learning process. The teachers are trying their best! If your child is not registering for on-line classes, but intends to return to school when we have live classes, he/she MUST complete all the assignments at home, in order to be able to rejoin their class.This is an equitable solution for all.Contact the grade’s teacher, as well as Laima Gajauskas to buy books.

You should have been receiving my emails with general information and the Sept-Dec.calendar.

Let’s all have a wonderful school year!