September 18,2021

September 18, 2021

The first day of school was overwhelmingly successful . Thank you to all the parents who followed safety guidelines, to those who registered in advance, and to those who volunteered to help with safety protocols.

A sincere AČIŪ to Indraja Jonušoniene, the head of the Parent Committee, for all the preparations and care before the start of school. Please volunteer often to help out wherever you can.


*By signing the SELF-ATTESTATION form you vouch that you will not bring a child to school who is exhibiting Covid symptoms or who has been exposed to an infected person.

*There is no lunch served at school.Please pack snacks and drinks. The students will have two recesses during which they can eat and play.

*Every student is to have his/her writing utensils and art supplies. They will not be allowed to share.

*No cell phones, earphones, games, music and other electronic equipment allowed during school hours 9:00-1:15. Please do not tell your child to call you . If there is a problem, the student should tell the teacher and get permission to make a phone call.

Working together we will assure the continued success of our Lithuanian School!