October 18, 2019

All roads lead to the school’s 70th Anniversary WINE TASTING event on Nov. 16th.Please make your plans now for a unique, joyful, celebratory evening, on behalf of our long-living school ! The organizing committee, chaired by Lina Pakuckas and Indre Anelauskas, have been busily planning a wonderful party. See posters for more information.

NOTE future dates:

10/26 Lithuanian-style pumpkin exhibit. Decorate your pumpkins in a unique way. Prizes for all.

11/2 All Souls Day at Forest Lawn 9:00-9:50 a.m. This is a long-standing tradition in our school to visit the gravesites of our community’s departed. We say prayers,decorate the graves with flowers and flags, and remember those who have been part of the L.A. Lithuanian -American community.

11/9 CHILD SAFETY classes for all students. It is very important to be in school this day. Parents should have signed a permission slip during registration.Contact : Linas Venckus.

11/16 Party time! Celebrating the school’s 70th anniversary with an evening of wine tastings and delicious food.Contact: Indre Anelauskas,Lina Pakuckas

11/23  Flea market for charity. Bring gently used toys, books, and women’s accessories to sell and buy. Contact: Brigita Slekys

11/30 Thanksgiving weekend – school is closed