October 11, 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all who attended last week’s Virtus/Chid Safety presentation. If you spend any time at our school volunteering, doing yard duty, helping teachers, even  eating lunch, you are obligated to be certified.  Virtus programs are available in all Catholic parishes. Search Archdiocese of Los Angeles/Child Safety program for a location close to you. Make a copy of your certificate and hand it to us for filing.

Oct. 21st, 12 pm. the Alytus Theater troupe will perform the  play Pinocchio for our students and families. Please join us for this unique event.

FINGERPRINTING for all those using parish facilities(as mentioned above) will take place on Nov. 18th , at our parish. Reservation sheets are found on the teachers’ table in the downstairs hall.

Please click on to the Lithuanian version of this letter to find some VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION (in English) about CYBERBULLYING, a very severe problem prevalent amongst young people.We all need to be involved in preventing the great unhappiness that it causes.