Sept. 15,2018

September 14, 2018

Registration closes tomorrow. All registration material is found on this website. Please fill in all forms completely and submit them and the tuition to Linas Venckus at school tomorrow. Unregistered students will not be included in the class rosters.

Multicultural Mass – everyone is invited to attend the beautiful MASS of CULTURES tomorrow 2:30 pm at the downtown Cathedral. In the past the entire school attended. This year we were slated to see the film RUTA ,foregoing attendance. However, it would be wonderful to have Lithuanian representation at this event.

VIRTUS CHILD SAFETY presentation will take place on Saturday, Sept. 29th at 9:15 in the upper hall. All school parents are required to attend and be certified. Your past certificate is valid for 4 years.

SCHOOL RULES : no cell phones or electronic games/music during school hours. Students are expected to dress appropriately – very short skirts, ripped jeans, and short shorts are not acceptible attire.Students will first receive verbal warnings.Please help us enforce these guidelines.

Wishing everyone a joyful new school year!