March 23,2019

March 21, 2019

The film ASHES IN THE SNOW will be shown to 7-12 gr. students on Saturday, right after flag-raising. All parents are also invited to the upper hall to view the film. Director Marius Markevicius , a former student of our school, will be present to answer questions about the film.

Bishop J. Ivanauskas from Lithuania will be visiting our school next week 3/30. Please be on time to flag-raising.

LAISVES ALEJA , ST. CASIMIR PARISH’S FUND-RAISING luncheon takes place 3/31. Please come to support your parish ! You are welcome to dress in retro fashions!

CLASS PICTURES will be taken 4/6 and 4/13. Students who miss school those days will not be in class pictures in this year’s yearbook.

Laisvės Alėja

March 16,2019

March 15, 2019

Thank you to all teachers and parents who made the History Contest a success. The students love to learn new information and compete against each other in a fun way.



3/23 ASHES IN THE SNOW feature film shown in the upper hall at 9:15 am to 7-12 grades.Director Marius Markevicius will be on hand to answer students’ questions.

3/30 Bishop Jonas Ivanauskas from Lietuva will visit our school.We will greet him at flag-raising.

3/31 The annual St. Casimir Parish luncheon takes place after Mass. All are invited to come and support our parish. Tickets available at the rectory. The theme is pre-war Lithuania LAISVES ALEJA.

4/13 First Reconciliation and Confessions for all the students. The teachers will review the confessional rite with the students. English-speaking priests will be available.

4/14 Palm Sunday; our older students will portray Christ’s Passion at the 11 am Mass.

4/20 no school – Easter vaccation

5/4 Mother’s Day program in the morning.Rehearsal for First Communion in the afternoon.

5/5 First Communion during the 11 am Mass.

Laisvės Alėja


March 2,2019

March 01, 2019

Congratulations to all who made Blynu Balius  a success . The fifth grade students did an especially noteworthy job! Danguole Varnas commends them.

March events:

March 3 – Kaziuko Muge

March 9 – Commemoration of Lithuanian Independence with a History contest, 12 pm in the upper hall.

March 10 – The local Lithuanian community commemorates the restoration of Lithuanian Independence in the upper hall, after 11am Mass.All are welcome. Please support the activities of the Lithuanian-American Community – Los Angeles chapter.

March 23 – the upper grades will watch the movie ASHES IN THE SNOW in the upper hall after flag-raising. At 12 pm the upper grades will be visited by Vilhelmina Urboniene,a prize-winning teacher from Lithuania.

March 31 – everyone is invited to the Parish fund-raising luncheon, LAISVES ALEJA  (FREEDOM BOULEVARD) , the most popular promenade in pre-war Lithuania. Guests are encouraged to dress in period attire. Please support our parish, because it is our second home!

Funeral arrangements for Laimis Venckus, father of Linas Venckus: March 4th, visitation at Holy Cross Cemetery 4-7pm. Funeral Mass – March 11th at St. Casimir Church. Linas does so much for our school and parish. Please extend a comforting hand to the Venckus family in their hour of sorrow. 


Laisvės Alėja

vasario 23,2019

February 22, 2019

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Su sunkia širdimi pranešu liūdną žinią: šiandien mirė + Laimis Venckus + ,  mūsų uolaus Tėvų Komiteto pirmininko Lino tėvelis ir vaikų senelis.  Reiškiame giliausią užuojautą plačiai Venckų ir Giedraičių šeimai. Tegul Laimis ilsisi Dievo ramybėje. Kol kas, laidotuvių žinių neturiu.
Vasario 16-tos minėjimas praėjusį sekmadienį praėjo labai puikiai. Nors ir buvo atostoginis savaitgalis, prisirinko pilna bažnyčia ir salė , jų tarpe ir mūsų jaunimas: Konstantinavičiūtės, Laura van der Sluys,Vincentas Balandis,Labutytė,Petrulytės ir kiti. Sveikinu! Salės sienas puošė mūsų mokinių piešiniai , kurie buvo pateikti į pašto ženklų parodą  Čiurlionio galerijoje Chicago.
Lietuvių Fondas mokyklai paskyrė paramos sertifikatą( čekį gausime, kai įrodysime kur išleidome). Paskutiniu metu  dalinai užsimokame už metraštį ir dovanas abiturientams, bei mokiniams.Šįmet pradėsime ruoštis iškilmingam mokyklos 70-tam jubiliejui 2019 m. rudenį. Taip pat gavome aukų iš kitų fondų ir pavienių asmenų. Ačiū mokytojoms už plačiai vertinamą švietimo darbą.

VASARIO 16-toji !

February 16, 2019

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February 9, 2019

February 08, 2019

The Lithuanian Educational Council sponsors an annual essay and art contest. All entries are due this Saturday.The students have been working on them in class.

There is no school Feb. 16th. The community celebration of Lithuanian Independence-Vasario 16ta takes place on Sunday, Feb. 17th after 11 a.m. Mass. Your participation is welcome.

The students will be preparing for a History/Geography Jeopardy-type game which will take place in school on March 9th to commemorate Kovo 11ta – Lithuanian restoration of Independence . Students will be given material to prepare. This is a fun educational event to which everyone is invited.


January 26,2019

January 26, 2019

We welcome Aukse Motto, who heads the Lithuanian Education Council of U.S.A.  She is visiting our school and will attend the Western Region Lithuanian Teachers’ Conference on Sunday, which our school is hosting. We are expecting over 20 teachers from various Lithuanian schools in American cities. This is part of the professional development that our teachers take part in .We are grateful to the Educational Council, CLCU, and Mr./Mrs. Lembertas for their financial support. Thanks to all the teachers in the planning  and hospitality committees.

Psychologist Dr. Romas Buivydas,PhD, our guest speaker at the conference, will be at flag-raising along with his wife Audra. He is a specialist in adolescent mental health issues.

You are invited to the student/parent simposium , which takes palce in the upper hall at 9:15. Students and parents will express their thoughts on the topic of contemporary youth. It’s always interesting to hear what our students have to say.

In class students are presently working on essay and art contests. Soon they will be given material to prepare for a very exciting Lithuanian history contest in March.


January 12,2019

January 10, 2019

This Saturday during flag-raising we will remember the events of January 13th, 1991, when brave Lithuanians persevered and fought for freedom from the USSR.

The symbol of remembrance is a blue forget-me-not flower. Konsulas Darius Gaidys has gifted 100 of these pins to our school. They will be distributed to the students in grades 4-12. Thank you, konsule.

PARENT/VISITOR tags must be worn by adults staying on school grounds while classes are in session. This is to safeguard your children by controlling access of individuals not related to school business.Tags will be distributed Saturday to those who stay after flag-raising.

The Annual West Coast Lithuanian Teacher Conference will take place at our school on Jan.26-27. All parents are invited to the Parent/Student simposium on that Saturday at 9:15 am.

KITAVA  performers from Lithuania will present a program to our students that same Saturday at 12:15. All are invited.


January 5,2019

January 01, 2019

Hapy New Year to all school families. May 2019 be healthy, joyous, and successful. Let us remind our children what a wonderful treasure we have in our Lithuanian language and culture. Encourage them to make every effort to speak Lithuanian and to fulfill school obligations. Thank you to all parents who have participated in organizing various events. Please continue to donate your time and energy to make our school successful and enduring. It is only through your efforts that we can have such a great school community.

Future events include: the student/parent simposium, the West Coast teacher conference, art, essay History and Geography contests, Mother’s Day and many more. Please offer your services.

Pope Francis said, ” May Lithuania be a beacon of hope.” Applying this sentiment to our community, may we too spread light and love in our Lithuanian home.


December 19, 2018