Dec. 9,2017

December 07, 2017

Thank you to all for your birthday wishes last week. You are the best gift.

EGLUTES Christmas program’s dress rehearsal will take place this Saturday after school 1:15-2:30. Attendance is mandatory for all classes (excluding Kiskiai).Please support the teachers and school leadership as they try to prepare your children for a meaningful Christmas program.

This year’s program will take place in the church Saturday, Dec. 16th at 12 p.m. Santa will visit in the courtyard area and refreshments will be served in the lower hall. Please participate in bringing a plate of snacks. See Linas Venckus for details.

On the day of the program, all students are to dress appropriately – girls in dresses or skirts, boys – in long pants and collared shirts. No TEES or JEANS.

Check with your child and his/her teacher to see that all class and homework has been completed. Vacation is a good time to catch up.

Fr. V. Grazulevicius is visiting from Kaunas. He will be conducting a parish retreat on Friday, Dec. 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, at 10 am in our church. Please come for a time of prayer and reflection.

Thank you,




November 16, 2017

Wishing all the school families and students a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Let us all be grateful to God for our freedom, our abundance, for families and friends, for our Lithuanian culture and school , and for the simple joys of every day!

There is no school on Nov. 25th.

All parents who have signed up for the EGLUTE Christmas program committee will meet this Saturday at 9:45. Please see Linas Venckus. There’s lots of work to be done.Christmas is around the corner!

Everyone is invited to the Christmas Fair on Dec. 10th. You are welcome to sell your crafts and foods, or  just come and enjoy all the goodies. A flyer is attached.

With best wishes,                                                                                                          p.Maryte

Lapkr. 11,2017

November 10, 2017


Please bring used toys and accessories to sell and buy. All proceeds go to charitable organizations.

MISIJA SIBIRAS – TWO REPRESENTATIVES FROM THE PROJECT TO FIND AND REFURBISH GRAVESITES OF SIBERIAN EXILES are visiting our school and will present a report about their unique journey.Join us 12:15 pm in the upper hall.

TODAY IS VETERANS DAY. LET US REMEMBER ALL WHO SERVED IN THE MILITARY TO DEFEND OUR FREEDOM. Many Lithuanian-Americans have served in various parts of the world: Europe, Korea,Vietnam, Iraq,Afghanistan and many other places. We owe them our gratitude and respect.




November 01, 2017

Saturday,Nov. 4th we will meet at Forest Lawn Cemetery to commemorate

All Souls Day – Velines. See attachedScan 2017-11-1 11.38.39

FLEA MARKET FOR CHARITY – NOV. 11th. Please bring gently used, clean toys and women’s accessories to sell and buy. All profits go to charity.


FINGERPRINTING – Los Angeles Archdiocesan requirement of all parents who spend time on school grounds – NOV. 18th in the upper hall – PLEASE SIGN UP AT THE TEACHERS’ DESK downstairs.

Oct. 28, 2017

October 26, 2017

All students are invited to bring a Lithuanian-themed decorated pumpkin to school on Saturday. All entries will receive prizes.Kiskiai,Vaiku darzelis and grades 1 and 2 are welcome to wear safe Halloween costumes.

Nov. 4th students,families and parishioners will commemorate Velines/All Souls Day by visiting the gravesites of Lithuanians buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Court of Christus area. Meet at 9 a.m. We will say prayers and decorate the graves with flowers and flags. Kiskiai and Vaiku darzelis stay at school .

FINGERPRINTING as mandated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is required of all parents who spend any time in our school facility as volunteers in class, perform yard duty, eat lunch at the outdoor tables, etc. We have the right to restrict entrance to the school grounds of unfingerprinted individuals. FINGERPRINTING WILL TAKE PLACE ON NOV. 18TH. A reservation sheet is found on the teachers’ table in the lower hall. Please sign up.

Tony Valle, our school parent, cordailly invites everyone to the LAPD annual Open House  this Saturday. See flyer.Scan 2017-10-26 12.01.31

Blusu Turgus/Flea Market for Charity – Nov. 11th. Please bring used toys and women’s accessories to sell. For information see Brigita Slekys.




October 21,2017

October 21, 2017

The Alytus Theater actors will present the play Pinocchio (in Lithuanian) for all the students and parents on Saturday at 12:15 p.m. in the upper hall. All are welcome.

Oct. 28th students are invited to create Lithuanian-themed jack-o-lanterns and bring them to school. All participants will receive prizes.

Nov. 4th 9 a.m. we meet at Forest Lawn to commemorate Velines/All Souls Day. The students say prayers and decorate the gravesites with flowers and flags.

Nov. 11th – Flea Market for Charity. Please bring gently used toys and women’s accessories to sell . All proceeds go to charity.

Misija Sibiras representatives will be at school 12:15 that same day. All are welcome to hear the presentation from members of the team of young people who go to Siberia to seek out and refurbish long-lost gravesites of exiles.




October 11, 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all who attended last week’s Virtus/Chid Safety presentation. If you spend any time at our school volunteering, doing yard duty, helping teachers, even  eating lunch, you are obligated to be certified.  Virtus programs are available in all Catholic parishes. Search Archdiocese of Los Angeles/Child Safety program for a location close to you. Make a copy of your certificate and hand it to us for filing.

Oct. 21st, 12 pm. the Alytus Theater troupe will perform the  play Pinocchio for our students and families. Please join us for this unique event.

FINGERPRINTING for all those using parish facilities(as mentioned above) will take place on Nov. 18th , at our parish. Reservation sheets are found on the teachers’ table in the downstairs hall.

Please click on to the Lithuanian version of this letter to find some VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION (in English) about CYBERBULLYING, a very severe problem prevalent amongst young people.We all need to be involved in preventing the great unhappiness that it causes.





October 05, 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all the families who participated in the Lithuanian Days program and meeting with the Lithuanian celebrity, Jurgis Didziulis. Unfortunately, the school family turnout to meet him was modest. Please participate in all school events, since a great deal of effort goes into organizing them.

Please make note of future school events:


Oct. 21  Alytus Theater will present the play Pinocchio at 12 pm.  Admission is free thanks to the decision of the Parent Committee to finance the presentation.

Nov. 4  Visiting Lithuanian gravesites at Forest Lawn 9-10:00 a.m. in honor of All Souls Day.

Nov. 11  Flea Market for charity. Students bring toys to sell and buy from each other.

Nov. 18  Archdiocesan FINGERPRINTING  event. ALL PARENTS MUST BE FINGERPRINTED if not done so previously. Reservation sheet is found on the teachers’ desk in the lower hall.

Dec. 2, 9  Christmas program rehearsal after school.

Dec. 16 Christmas program EGLUTE 12 pm.


p. Maryte

Lithuanian Days Oct. 1st

September 26, 2017

The students will perform at Lithuanian Days on Sunday,October 1st, at 12:15 a.m.

Prior to the program, please assemble at 10 a.m. in the upper hall to meet with Lithuanian personality JURGIS DIDZIULIS  and his team, who are traveling around the world and recording their meeting with Lithuanian communities. Be part of this joyful project!

Family Mass follows at 11 a.m. in the church.

After Mass all students  assemble at the stage in the LT DAYS area.

All students are to dress in national costume!


rugsėjo 23, 2017

September 19, 2017

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*Rugsėjo 23 d. kiekvienoje klasėje bus pristatoma CHILD SAFETY Arkivyskupijos paruoštos pamokos.Registracijos metu prašome pasirašyti formą leidžiant savo vaikams dalyvauti pamokoje.


*Spalio 1 d. sekm., LIETUVIŲ DIENŲ SAVAITGALĮ, visi mokiniai ir tėveliai kviečiami 10 val. ryto susitikti su JURGIU DIDŽIULIU ir jo pasaulinės kelionės bendražygiais TO BE LT:KARTU AMERIKOJE projekte. Pasižiūrėkite to paties pavadinimo video utube/internete.

Seks Šeimų mišios 11 mokinių pasirodymas LT Dienų programoje 12:15 val.


*VIRTUS ,vaikų apsaugos PRIVALOMA paskaita TĖVAMS, MOKYTOJAMS, ORGANIZACIJŲ VADOVAMS ir visiems dirbantiems su vaikais,  įvyks šeštadienį, spalio 7 d. 9:30 val. viršutinėje salėje. Išklausę paskaitą,  gausite sertifikatą, kurio reikalauja arkivyskupija iš visų kurie lankosi parapijos patalpose pamokų metu, padeda mokytojams, budi kieme ar atlieka kitas pareigas su vaikais.