The school year has ended

May 27, 2020

This unusual 70th jubilee school year has come to an end. May 16th marked the last formal day of instruction. The 11th and 12th graders had their final class led by teachers Vitalija and Gida. We said our goodbyes to five 12th graders . Their names appear in the Lithuanian version of this letter. Each read a farewell letter, thanking parents and teachers. They will miss the school and their friends, but urged the younger students  to continue on to 12th grade.

We have some winners of the Lithuanian Educational Council (Švietimo Taryba) sponsored art and essay contests. Their names are listed in the Lithuanian version of this letter.

We congratulate our long-term teachers  : Vitalija Virbukiene 15 yrs.; Gida Urboniene 15 yrs. ; Reda Pereviciene 10 yrs; Tara Barauskas 10 yrs. Although we have many other teachers who have served our school for many years, the Educational Council formally commends specific intervals of teaching.

The national  Amber Apple Award (Gintarinis Obuoliukas) for excellence in teaching was awarded to our upper school teacher Vtalija Virbukiene. Congratulations to an outstanding teacher. We are proud of your accomplishments.Thank you to all our dedicated staff!

In the ten weeks of distance learning, we have all been challenged to find new teaching methods and to  communicate effectively.  We have been very successful in completing the academic program for the year. A big thank you to the students, parents, and teachers for their efforts in participating in on-line learning, thus displaying a love for their Lithuanian school and culture.

As of now we have no specific information for the new school year. I will gather an advisory group during the summer to make plans for  September. We will inform parents as soon as possible. Whatever the future holds, we hope that you will see the value of our Lithuanian School and will continue to make an effort to keep up with lessons, whether in person or otherwise. We need you to carry on our 70 year tradition!

Have a restful summer. Stay well and God bless.