March 21,2020

March 18, 2020

School is closed next Saturday, March 21st. Weekly assignments are found on this website, or in individual emails sent to families. Please complete the work as assigned, since we hope to continue following the year’s curriculum. Please address questions to classroom teachers.

While we are away from weekly classes, do speak Lithuanian at home as much as possible. There are various YouTube Lithuanian programs for children, historical documentaries and powerpoints for older students, and an abundance of material to be found on the Lithuanian Educational Council’s website.

We will keep you informed every week about further developments.

Fr. Tomas, the pastor of St. Casimir’s, has announced that there will be no daily,nor Sunday masses at the church until the beginning of April. You can livestream Mass from Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in L.A. or the Vilnius Divine Mercy Chapel at

Stay well,