SCHOOL CLOSED – Offsite classes

March 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are living in very uncertain times. For some, the days are productive and well-spent. For others, routines are disrupted and time flows unmarked. Pope Francis urges us to dream about the days when we can all be together again and enjoy the simple pleasures of life: family gatherings, meetings in coffee shops, communal prayer, hugs…In this way we will recognize the small gifts that surround us every day and we will appreciate them.

As of now, Lithuanian School will be closed until the end of April. Hopefully classes will resume April 25th. In the meanwhile, each classroom teacher has been sending online assignments to students. Please help your child complete these assignments so that they can move on to the next grade in the Fall. Our teachers are putting time and effort into keeping communication open with families. Please direct questions to them. There will not be an opportunity during the summer to complete missed work. Please finish all work at this time.

All 45 Lithuanian schools in the U.S. are operating off-site. The Lithuanian Educational Council has provided teachers with additional online material if needed.

In the future I would like to boast that all of our families cooperated with the school and that all students turned in assignments. Then we’ll really celebrate when we come back to school !

Stay well,

p.Marytė and teachers