September 24, 2021

Little by little we are returning to our usual activities and schedules. Registration has ended. Please address questions to Indraja Jonusonis. About 100 students have enrolled, down from our pre-pandemic numbers. However, we are most happy to have all of you here.


Pack snacks, drinks and lunch. There are two recesses during the day. The students are permitted to eat at both.

Students may not use cell phones or electronic equipment  during school hours. If you must reach your child, please call me at 310/500-6311 or the teacher.

If you must pick up your child before 1:15 ,it is most important that you inform me and the teacher in advance.

Please observe all safety protocols. If your child has been in contact with an infected person during the week, you must inform us. For additional safety, I would appreciate knowing confidentially, if your child has been vaccinated. We will not question students in front of others.

Alex Hayden is our new Gate Guard. Please follow his safety directives. When driving in the parking lot,  be aware of the possible presence of children. We will be altering traffic patterns , since students must cross over from the  side garden rooms.

There are no classes the weekend of LT Days.

Be safe,