January 13, 2023

Lithuanian Heroes Day will be commemorated tomorrow, Saturday, after flag-raising ceremonies. The older classes will view a documentary video showing events from            January 13, 1991 , when Soviet tanks invaded Lithuania. All parents and guests are invited to view the presentation in the upper parish hall.

The following Saturday, Jan.21st, at 9:15 a.m., in conjunction with the West Coast Lithuanian Teachers Conference, we welcome vocalist and Lithuanian zither player, Simona Smirnova. Simona will present a  brief talk on the music of kankles, the traditional Lithuanian zither-like instrument.She will include a brief performance on the kankles. We are all looking forward to this unique opportunity to learn more about our culture. Presentation takes place in the upper hall.


KANKLES-VIRSELIS-CMYK-11-5-2022-FINAL (dragged) 2

Your attendance at school events makes us very happy! That’s how you show your support !

Hope to see you at both events.